Wednesday, February 11, 2009

iterax 25mg

i hate waking up after taking a dose of iterax especially when it's up to 25 mg. it's crazy. FYI to those who don't know what an iterax is, it's my trusty anti-histamine. i take it if i sneeze 10 times in a row, if my eyes are all red and stuff. allergies. and so last night i had to take a 25mg because i couldn't find my 10mg. everyday i usually wake up at around 7am, but today i woke up at 930am. my roommate cha, asked me a question, and i thought she said "there's no more liempo today". what she really said was, "you look so yellow today" HAHA.  my eyes were half open, apparently my ears were half functioning, and my head was throbbing. face feels itchy, mouth feels stuffy, and it feels like all my blood is up there in my head. i hate this feeling. 

but amazingly, voila, no more allergies. 

i don't like being sickly. i don't get to do stuff.

there's a random thought!

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